Wednesday, March 30, 2011

{color shopping}

We're painting our kitchen but we can't make up our minds about the color. Story of our lives. Currently, it is painted in an off white (boring!) with a green accent wall. It is really okay. Not ugly, but not pretty either. We're leaning towards what I like to call Nantucket blue like the color of these cabinets. I can't get enough of it!

The kitchen has two small windows currently adorned by some outdated, very ugly curtains. They have done the job for two years but are about to be fired. My mom is helping me make cornice window treatments this weekend with some fabric I bought months ago. I am drawing inspiration from kitchens like these from My Daily Inspiration Board.

There is something about a light and airy kitchen, isn't there?

PS: I want to make this with my collection of paint chips.


ladybug said...

esther, love the paint chip idea! I have to do that with the kids. I understand the light and airy thing- that was what I was going with for our bedroom. -jaclyn

nelly said...

bueno por lo visto quieres algo muy hogareño lo cual es bueno a la hora de comprar ya que es mas barato que los accesorios que tiran a lo contemporáneo y lo tecnológico,me gusta el azul y así no tendrás que preocuparte tanto por los dibujos que tu bebé hará en el futuro lienzo favorito: tu pared recién pintada!!


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