Thursday, March 24, 2011

{my lenten project}

We have two Lenten sacrifices going on in our home right now. We gave up television, which is especially hard for me when I sit down to nurse Jacob. I can sometimes hold a book, but usually he smacks it out of my hands. Thank God he is a quick nurser!

The second thing is also a way for me to work on our spring cleaning without feeling overwhelmed. My sister-in-law introduced me to 40 bags in 40 days a project she found on Clover Lane. I can't say I'm on top of it right now. I'm ashamed to say I have gotten rid of a mere five bags. Did I mention Lent had a late start in our home? We just gave up TV on Monday.

This weekend, I get back to business by visiting our personal closets and our basement... I'm not looking forward to it... it is a sacrifice after all.

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