Friday, April 22, 2011

{DIY: grown up easter eggs}

I am dying to start doing arts and crafts projects with Jacob 
but it seems he is too little for just about every art instrument out there.

Until then, I decided to make my own version of Easter eggs to display. 
I was inspired by a Williams-Sonoma egg "carton" I found at the thrift store for $1.50! 
It just didn't deserve to be stored away just yet.

I 'm pretty satisfied with the results. But I think I need to stop covering things in fabric.
Am I going a bit overboard?

Click "Read More" below to see how I made them.

A few things before we begin: You are seeing the end results of many trial and error sessions. I am telling you about the easiest way that I found worked for me… but really there are no rules.

Also – so you don’t get confused -- you’ll notice the pictures are a mumbo-jumbo of different eggs with different fabrics. I’m just trying to show you the least bad of some pretty bad photos.

With that said: enjoy (don’t forget to click on the picture above to enlarge it)!

  1. You will need modge podge from the arts and crafts store, a brush, scotch tape, plastic Easter eggs, and fabric cut into two circles (ovals, whatever works) and one strip.
  2. Tape the plastic egg shut. Please.
  3. Dip the brush into the modge podge (I put mine on a disposable plate) and apply to the back of the circles. It doesn’t matter if it gets on the front of the fabric since it dries clear.
  4. Wrap one of the circles of fabric around the bottom of the egg.
  5. Wrap the second of the circles of fabric around the top of the egg. Optional: Depending on how big your circles are, part of the plastic egg might be still showing through. If it is, brush modge podge onto the back of the strip of fabric and wrap that around the egg. Make sure you cover all the plastic!
  6. To make everything a bit flat, I ended up rolling and squeezing the eggs in my hands. PS: Don’t worry… I’m getting a manicure this weekend.
  7. Let the eggs dry overnight!
  8. Display beautifully! Like I said, I put mine in a ceramic egg carton but I would have really liked to hide them in overgrown wheat grass like Design Mom does. Head over to read Shannon’s for pointers on growing grass at Bless Our Nest.

     Happy Friday, friends!

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ladybug said...

Love it Esther- have to try this with the kids next year.


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