Thursday, April 28, 2011

{embrace family}

I'm sharing pictures from our Easter Sunday today. 
It was such a great day. 
We got to see both of our families and eat (too much) delicious food.
My boys looked handsome and I loved my dress.
But most importantly: He is Risen!
So we celebrated all day with the people we love.


We are so blessed with an awesome family. 
On my side, Jacob is the only grandchild and the absolute center of the universe.
On Phil's side he already has three younger cousins and one more due in June. 
I grew up with dozens of cousins so I am happy he'll have the same experience. 
Cousins are the best. Well, family is the best.


As you see, our niece Charlotte clearly agrees with me. She is the sweetest little girl. 
"Baby Da-Cup" she says when she sees my boy.
She loves playing with him.We just can't help but love her.
(Shouldn't she play Annie someday? I think she should.)

Thanks to my SIL Jaclyn for the pics. 
Memories for a lifetime.

Have you embraced the camera lately?


Heather said...

That little kiss photos is adorable! :)

Jami said...

so cute! love those bunny ears ;)

Joeylee said...

very cute

Laura said...

He is risen! :D Beautiful family.

jessica said...

I saw your blog through ETC and love the photos! Such a cute title "amateur housewife" .. and I feel the same way! I also am a stay at home mommy, which I love! Happy Easter, He is risen, indeed!

Danyelle said...

Cute pictures, I love the bunny ears.


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