Wednesday, April 13, 2011

{jacob's nursery}

Our boy still sleeps with us in our room at night but I love, love, love his nursery. It is my favorite room in the house. When I was pregnant and my nesting instinct kicked in, I envisioned bright colors and mismatched textiles in the baby's room and for the first time in my decorating history I was truly able to execute my design concept successfully. Its amazing how perfectly his room suits Jacob. It is as vibrant as he is! I love that almost everything in it already has a little bit of a story to tell.

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Have you ever heard of Jacob's story? He laid down to sleep and dreamt of a ladder into the heavens. The Biblical tale inspired me to upcycle the ladder, a former Christmas decoration. The monogram is a framed piece of fabric with a painted J hot glued to the glass (Mrs. G has directions to similar monogram art).

The tiny sweater is a family heirloom in my husband's clan. He and his 6 brothers and sisters wore the sweet little thing when they came home from the hospital.I don't think things like that should be kept stored away.

The whole concept for the room began with our trip to Peru last May. The country is so beautiful and its history so bright. I returned from my vacation with a new outlook on color.

I found the hand stitched cards for only a few dollars at the Pisac Market in Cusco. I wish I had bought more of the beautiful items they had there. I carried the cards around with me everywhere when I was decorating the room. They truly set the "anything goes" color scheme.

The lamp shade (from Ikea) is actually meant to hang from the ceiling but I put it over an existing lamp shade. We made the foot print plate at Color Me Mine when Jacob was a bit over a month old. I obsess over mason jars in any situation. I wrapped blue and green fabric ribbon around them and now store q-tips and cotton balls for bath time clean up.

On the shelves are thrift store frames, three baskets (which provide easy access for little tiny shoes, winter hats, and bibs) from Home Goods, and craft store piggy banks that were used as center pieces at my baby shower.
The framed pictures are of me and my husband as wee ones. Check out that crib! It would never pass code these days! My extra large behind is due to old school cloth diapers (hubby always laughs at how gigantic it looks).

The wooden bear was a gift from Jake's awesome godparents and the toy in the back (what are they called again?) was a rummage sale find.

Of course some our boy's room must have some Giants paraphernalia.

Other very important things fill the bookshelves: a cross and holy water from the Vatican (my friend brought these all the way from Italy for little Jacob when he was born) and framed lyrics of a special song from Grandma Tomo.

Meet Mr. Wrinkles. He belonged to my husband when he was a young lad and has been passed on to Jake. The whale pillow was hand stitched and given to the boy as a welcome to the world gift.

Not quite handmade but I love the "quilt" (from Ikea) I love the colors and the graphics. It makes me happy to look at it when I am putting Jake down for a nap.The pillows in the crib were quite a find! Five dollars each at a children's boutique about to close down. I also brought an adorable knit blanket for $2 that is now Jacob's lovie.

And here I found a little boy who would not nap playing on a potholder rug. After searching for a rug of this type and finding them for no less than hundreds of dollars, I ordered it to be handmade in Costa Rica, where my family is from, without seeing the colors, patterns, or anything. I was so joyful when it arrived and was exactly what I had in mind!  At less than $20 for not one but THREE rugs of different sizes, they might've been my best find to date.

Jake-the-snake will soon be taking overnight slumbers in his room. For now, nap time it is. For a while I thought it was a waste of time and money to do my baby's room if he wasn't going to sleep in it for a long while but I am so happy I did it anyway. He has a little space to call his own in our home.

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