Monday, April 11, 2011

{mental declutter}

I think a lot... so much so that I feel like my head is cluttered sometimes. To help me stay sane I keep a notebook around all the time. It goes from the kitchen counter, to my purse, to my desk, to the diaper bag.

In it I make notes for myself to remember: phone numbers, important dates to add to my agenda, recipes, shopping lists, remarkable quotes, or just random thoughts to get out of my head.

It is a process that has saved my sanity.

The thing about my notebook... it must be pretty. I usually go to Target (I love Target) and grab one that matches my mood and my purse but I have been searching for other options for my next paper companion. Look at these cheerful little guys I've been eyeing lately.

The Mini Shopper Notepad Clutch by GetSassed.
(you can always count on Etsy for fantastic finds)

A mini-journal set from Anthropologie (enough to always have one handy).

This fat notebook with an earthy handmade covered notebook.
(found in the Melaleuca-Handmade Fabric works by Rita Leung flickr stream)

What do you do to keep sane?

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