Monday, April 25, 2011

{prepping to hit the sales!}

Hello! How was your Easter celebration? We had a busy Sunday including a Spanish breakfast at my mom's with my brothers, Mass, and a delicious mid-afternoon dinner at my in-laws' with dessert later in the evening. Jacob had a great time with his cousins including his first Easter egg hunt! 

The weather was a perfect high 70's and it reminded me that my favorite season is almost here:
garage sale season!

In preparation I am doing analyses of each room in our house
to have a go-to list of things I need or want.

I start with a notebook and write the name of the room at the top. Then I split the page up into projects and things to buy. This time I am taking the opportunity to write down lists of things to clean regularly and things to clean seasonally just so I can have a reference list in the future.
More about that another time!

In the projects column I write down anything I want to do around the house no matter how big or small the project is, like painting walls, making new pillow cases, or refurbishing an item.
On the list of things to buy I write down things like a lamp, vases, etc.

I bring out the notebook every time I go out and cross things out as I get them (or change my mind) .
It keeps me from buying useless things that will clutter my house.  

The historic district of our town hosts a district-wide, two-day garage sale so my husband and I kick off the season on Saturday for a few hours to look at the beautiful houses and peruse the sales.
I put it in my calendar in January... that's how much I look forward to them.
There are usually like 50 garage sales in one area in one weekend... we couldn't skip it if we wanted to!

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