Friday, April 15, 2011

{DIY: spruced up picture frames}

Almost seven months later, I am finally getting to frame the professional portraits my brother-in-law took of us when Jacob was born. Better late than never, I suppose!

I had everything ready when I realized the matting in the frames I had gotten for this purpose didn’t match. Two were white and one beige. Of course, that put off the project even longer because I couldn’t bear the thought of looking at them. Call me crazy but it would bother me every time I walked in the door.

I came up with the idea of “upholstering” the matting. At first I was hesitant about it but I’m glad to say I am very happy with the results! What do you think? Honestly.

Click on "read more" below to see how I did it. 

 Here’s a sort of cryptic how-to. I should warn you, I make things up as I go along and use whatever “tools” I have around (envelopes as rulers, crayons as pencils). Try not to be like me. I should be called the half-ass housewife.

You will need: a frame or two or three (I spray painted mine to match), picture matting, fabric of your liking, a pencil, a ruler, scissors, and a hot glue gun. And maybe an iron.

Here we go. The pictures above (click to enlarge) go in order with the directions below.

  1. Mismatched frame matting. What a dilemma!
  2. My fabrics. I purchased mine at our local craft store. Usually I’d go to a fabric warehouse and pick out my own but I didn’t have time and I loved these patterns. I found them in the quilting section on sale for less than $6.
  3. Iron the creases out of the fabrics.
  4. Cut out a square or rectangle piece of fabric that is slightly larger than the matting.
  5. Place the matting face down on top of the negative (the less pretty) side of the fabric. Use a hot glue gun to adhere one edge of the fabric to the matting.
  6. Mark the picture hole on the fabric using a writing utensil pencil. Also , draw diagonal lines from corner to corner.
  7. Mark it right up to the corner!
  8. Using scissors, snip where the diagonal lines meet.
  9. I mean it!
  10. Slip your scissors through the snip you made and cut to each of the corners. Avoid going past the corners.
  11. Hot glue the “triangles” within the picture hole to the matting and cut the extra fabric. Straight lines are so last year.
  12.  Think like you’re covering a book or wrapping a present. When you adhere the outer edges to the matting, fold in the corners (put a drop of hot glue under the fold to hold it in place if you need to) then glue. I might add that since no one will see this part, this is not a completely necessary step.
  13. This is what your finished product should look like.
  14. … or this.
  15. Assemble the frames back together. Hold your mug shots in place with small piece of tape and hang for all to adore. 
I really like how mine came out.

Look at my men! I can't believe that itty-bitty 5-day-old is almost 7-months-old!

I'm still trying to figure out what to put under the frames. Such an empty space.

I better figure something out before I have to change the pictures in there!


Inspiring Mrs. G said...

Looks fab...i'll def be trying this sometime!

BeaumontGirl said...

REALLLY cute !!!!!!


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