Sunday, April 10, 2011

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After a Saturday full of painting, cleaning, purging, and washing, we have enjoyed a leisurely Sunday (kicked off on Saturday night with drinks and laughter with good friends). Our day included a yummy breakfast prepared by hubby dearest, coffee and chocolate at the same time, Mass, nap time for all, ordering food, not washing dishes, and plenty of playtime.  

Below is what my kitchen looked like this afternoon. 

Remnants of Saturday night.

Breakfast dishes.

Usually I would be embarrassed (well... usually it would've been cleaned up to avoid a mental breakdown) but today I opted to overlook the mess and enjoy the day with my boys.

The grand finale was daddy-and-Jacob time by a chimenea fire (I couldn't find my camera to capture the moment). I wish all days were like today. Now on to real life.

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