Monday, May 2, 2011

{fashion compass reset}

What did you think of the Royal Wedding
While I didn't get up at four in the morning to watch the ceremony, 
I did get up before my boys just in time to watch recaps and the kiss. 

Honestly, most of the time I was hoping to catch a glimpse of Harry. 
I have a serious crush on him. 

About Kate's dress, it needs not be said that it was beautiful.
She was an absolutely stunning bride.
 The lace sleeves were such an elegant and classy choice.
The New York Times Style section is predicting Kate will start a new trend.
... and boy am I glad!

Have you been to a bridal boutique lately? The vast majority of dresses are strapless.

I so badly did not want to wear a strapless dress at my wedding 
but I never found one with sleeves that fit my style
so I had my friend create lace sleeves
and sew them on by hand on the morning of our wedding.

 I am very eager to see how Princess Kate will influence bridal designs.
I hope it will result in a more balanced mix of elegance and sexiness.
If nothing more, I'm glad there will be more options
for brides who are looking to cover up a bit.

On a side note: Prince William needs to embrace the bald. Go for it, man. Shave it.

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ladybug said...

Esther, that is so funny- I was up about 15 minutes before the kids so I could catch a few minutes of it as well. I loved her dress and was so impressed at how regal and modest it was- very fitting of a princess. I too hope it influences fashion and brings back some modest dresses as well.


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