Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hi there! If you haven't noticed... I've been slacking in my posting. Sorry!

Here are a some of the things that are preventing my regular posting:

Baby Proofing. 
Jacob is starting to crawl and learned how to open cabinet doors and I've been dreading putting gates and knobs around the house but we have no choice now. Until I actually get around to it, I have to stay on top of him!

 Jacob's has yet to cut even one little chomper. The little guy has some painful days with interrupted naps lately but he's been a trooper. He's turning 8 months this week so maybe they'll decide to make an appearance soon. 

New Job. 
Dearest husband started a new job two weeks ago and we're adjusting to his new schedule.

My Pesty Little Health
Don't worry it is nothing life threatening 
but I have to address some things in the coming weeks so I can be on top of things once more.

An Awful Discovery.  
I've been informed that the search terms for my blog name yield some awful results. 
Don't test it. 
I apologize if you already have.
Let's just say it has to do with the adult industry. 
So now I am coming up with a plan to tackle this issue. Stay tuned!

I'll leave you for now but I promise to return shortly.


1 comment:

Inspiring Mrs. G said...

Oh no! I just did a google search for Inspiring Mrs G to make sure nothing x rated came up!! We live in a messed up world that we even need to worry about something like that! Hope you feel better soon...and your little guy too...teething bites!


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