Wednesday, May 11, 2011

{like mother}

I had a wonderful Mother's Day in New Hope, PA 
with my awesome family. 
It was great to spend the day with my hubby, Jacob, 
 my mom, and both of my brothers.

New Hope is a quaint little town about 45 minutes away from our home.
They have interesting shops like Tear Drop Memories 
where you can find anything from a pet bed to an antique (and likely used) coffin.

...and dolls in cages

... and a large bird cage selection,

... and miniature animals,

Creepy, right? I was so creeped out I made my mom walk in front of me.
I didn't dare take pictures of the coffins.
There's plenty of fun stuff in New Hope that doesn't involve coffins, though. 
Lots of handmade, unique items: jewelry, clothes, home decor.
And food. Yum.


I made sure to get a picture with my boy on my first Mother's Day...
It took many tries but here's the best one:

... and it was only appropriate that on Mother's Day
I was reminded that I am my mother's daughter.

Check out how similar we look... mannerisms and all.

Too funny.
Oh and I want to brag about my handsome brothers too.
Look at them!

Jacob will be an outstanding athlete thanks to Uncle Fo on the left
and  star singer/dancer/actor because of Uncle Adrian on the right.

He also has uncles that musicians and engineers
and a photographer on Phil's side of the family.
So the boy is going to be a renaissance man if you ever did see one.
I'm off on a tangent. 
More about Jacob's already established future another time.

All in all it was a an absolute grand first Mother's Day. I already can't wait for next year!

PS: I'm linking to Emily's blog today. 
Have you embraced the camera?


jessica said...

sounds like a wonderful mothers day! I don't understand the doll in a cage... super creepy. But I do love your photos! That baby of yours is quite adorable!!

Jessa said...

How lovely! I love the Mom look-a-like shots. What a beautiful family!


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