Wednesday, May 4, 2011

{there is iron in dirt, right?}

I wanted to share some pictures from our weekend with you. 
Phil got me a camera for our anniversary and mother's day 
so I've been going nuts taking pictures.
These are some from last Saturday afternoon which we spent outside. 
Jacob loved it!
Mostly because I gave up and let him eat grass and dirt as he pleased. 


This is my favorite.
"Who? Me? I'm not eating dirty rocks."

I helped for about three minutes. 
Until someone accidentally dropped a brick on my foot. 
I took it as a hint to limit my activity to taking pictures.

My brother-in-law Paul is teaching me basics of photography, so this picture is for him. 
I was proud of it.

It's raining today. Boo.
Nice weather, wont you come back so we can go outside again?!

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