Monday, May 2, 2011

{wedded bliss}

Today Phil and I celebrate two years of wedded bliss.
The day was absolutely perfect.
(you can see for yourself here)
My favorite people in the world came in from around the globe to be by my side.
The person I loved the most was waiting for me at the end of a seemingly endless aisle. 
He kissed my cheek and whispered "you're beautiful."
An hour later he was my husband forever and ever. 

He is everything I wanted in a man and much, much more.
Simple and joyful. Strong and reliable.  Funny and laidback.
He has made me laugh every single day of our life together.
... and together we've created the most awesome little life together. 

How blessed am I?

Love you, dude. I'm so glad we found each other. 
Here's to infinity -plus one- more.

'Till death do us part and all the joy thereafter
When we shall see Him for whom our hearts have yearned.
My greatest prayer is to meet you there beside him
To see you in heaven, my joy beyond compare
-"I Will Love You" by Gregory Floyd, Sr. 

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