Monday, June 20, 2011

{diy basic rosettes}

You know those really pretty rosettes people use on everything these days?
I haven't found simple directions on how to make them.
So I figured them out! Kinda.

Here are some very basic directions for
DIY rosettes.

1. Start with a rectangle of fabric, fold it into a thin strip and keep it together with a drop of hot glue.
(you can also start with just a strip of fabric)

2. Put a drop of glue at the end and build a thick base by folding it in.
The next step will tell you why you need a thick base.
I've also seen this done by just making a knot at the end.

3. Use a twist and wrap method to wrap the fabric around the base.
I like to have a thick base so the rosette ends up being a bit sturdy.
Every turn or so, put a drop of glue on the side of the rosette to keep it from coming apart.
Hide the glue as you wrap.

4. With a last drop of hot glue and tuck the end on the uglier side.

Repeat, and repeat, and repeat.
Until you have enough little roses for your project.

Hope these cryptic directions help.
I think the pictures are better.
I'm such a visual person.

PS: I will be sharing a simple project I made with these soon!

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