Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{diy moss wreath}

Earlier this week I shared with you how to make basic rosettes.
I used mine to make a very simple moss wreath.
In full disclosure: I didn't like how it looked hanging on the door
so now it is placed on my antique record player (will show you a picture soon!)


A wreath from your craft store.
Less than a bag of moss from the craft store
Basic rosettes
Hot glue
Hair Spray

Here's how:

1. Arrange the moss on top of the wreath.
When you are satisfied with how it looks, use hot glue to adhere it.
2. Preferably while outside, spray hair spray on the moss to keep it from coming apart
and leaving you with a mess to clean.
3. Glue the rosettes however you'd like (yes I realize this picture is missing).
4. Hang pretty.  

I love me an easy project.
Have fun!

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