Thursday, June 23, 2011

{embrace vacation}

I'm spending the week in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware with my husband's family.
As I mentioned, he had to go back home to work and I stayed behind.
We thought it was important for the Snake to spend time with his cousins,
especially one who lives in a far away land. Massachussets.

A bonus to spending time with my in-laws is that there is always a camera around
so I don't have to worry about catching every single awesome thing that happens.
(check out this video my brother-in-law made on Monday)
Like this picture of my quickly-growing little boy.
He loves standing now. and crawling. and eating. and laughing.
Isn't his shirt cute? My SIL made t-shirts for all the kids.

Ok. Back to vacationing.
The Snake really misses his pops (seriously... whiny child)
so it's ok that it's almost over.

Embrace the camera, asap!


Unknown said...

such a cute pic!

SECPumpkin said...

sweet pic! Your blog design is adorable. Thanks for sharing. Oh, I hopped over here from Embrace the Camera!

Unknown said...

Thank you for your comment :) I like your blog :) Sweet pics :)

Ruthie Hart said...

ahhh so lucky to be at the beach! have tons of fun! your little man is precious beyond words


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