Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{manly baby shower}

I hosted a little man baby shower for my sister-in-law Jeanine a few weeks ago. 
She is  was expecting her fourth boy.
Caleb John was born last week!
(he was named... finally!)
He is tiny, and cute, and looks like his biggest brother 12-year-old Christian.
Caleb is the fifth baby to be born in one year in Phil's family... cousin #11!
Isn't that great? I love cousins.

The celebration was inspired by this fabulous beyond my ability baby shower.
It was a wonderful afternoon with a tiny group of very lovely ladies. 
The entire day was fun and laid back... 
it helped that everyone contributed food and drinks and anecdotes and laughter.
I'll be posting some tutorials soon{ish}. 
I'll leave you with the pics for now!
Click read more {below my signature} to see all the goodies after the jump.

My sister-in-law Jaclyn brought over her collection of milk glass 
and we decorated it with gross grain ribbon flags to add a touch of masculinity.

I found a Melissa and Doug chalkboard for $.75 at a thrift store 
and hung it up with a funny little quote.

Instead of a guest book, guests filled out a card 
with mad libs, a name suggestion, and notes for the baby to read someday.
(I'll post a printable as soon as I figure out how!)

We wore handmade bow ties!


and played with fake mustaches. 
I think that little man would've felt so welcome.

 Oh and the cake. Yum! Carrot cake with cream cheese icing never fails. Made my Jaclyn.
Those little flag cake toppers were very quickly 
but lovingly thrown together right before the guests arrived. 
Can you tell?

While we ate cake, Jeanine opened gifts like this adorable applique tie onesie.
I'd post a tutorial but I didn't make it! Maybe I'll have to invite a guest blogger.

That cute baby is Leo -- cousin #3 of the year -- with his pretty mommy. 
I just think its a good picture of them.

In conclusion, the day was as fun and colorful as it looks. 
Honestly, I expected no less. 
I'm always in for a hoot when socializing with my in-law side of the fam.

{ps. thanks to my SIL Jaclyn for some of the pictures you see here}

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