Monday, July 25, 2011

{happy birthday to the woman who birthed me}

It was my mama's birthday last week 
and so we celebrated yesterday while my cousins were in town.

I thought I'd share pictures of my first ever attempt at decorating and writing a cake with icing 
(as opposed to sprinkles and number candles)

Not perfect... but not entirely bad, right?

It is supposed to say "Feliz Cumpleaños," not "Happy Birthday," by the way.

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. 
It was a hit! 

I brought her flowers in a mason jar.
I tried to tie a pretty bow... but there are some things I'm really bad at.
Among those things are: making bows and making breakfast.
So I decided to wrap a string around a bunch of times.
(a manila type of string)
Funny thing is... She loved how it all looked. 
... and its not easy to make my mom "love" something.

I'm filing this under "DIY" because... its such a quick and easy do-it-yourself arrangement.

PS: Did you know toothpicks work as a decent make-shift birthday candle... 
that's if the birthday person is willing to light it seconds before blowing it out. 
Thank goodness my mom was a good sport about our unpreparedness!

1 comment:

Alyss said...

Love the string! I've gotta try that. I suck at tying pretty bows, too. They always end up completely vertical.


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