Tuesday, August 2, 2011

{recipe: enchiladas}

I've been meaning to start sharing recipes.
Now... I'm not a gourmet cook by any means...
but I try to use fresh ingredients and make as much as I can from scratch. 
Nothing wrong with canned and jarred goods...
its just a preference thing I suppose. 

Also, you should know that I have absolutely no. zip. none. original recipes.
They are all from wonderful women that I either know
in person or through the web world. 

{image via Simply Recipes}

Today I share with you
the best ever, ever, ever, 
enchiladas I have ever had. 

Elise Bauer's {Mom's Chicken Enchiladas}.

Yum. Enjoy. 
They are absolutely delicious.
I serve them with rice and refried beans.
Oh so so good. 

PS: Some advice, unbutton your pants. You can't stop eating them. 


ladybug said...

yum- we are big enchilada fans so can't wait to try this!the only original recipe I have heard of is Pete's Ramen Noodle Surprise Recipe he posted on Facebook. lol

carolynmp said...

haha I like your "p.s."


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