Tuesday, July 5, 2011

{snail mail}

When was the last time you received snail mail?
I find that I get so excited when I check the mailbox every day.
It's great to receive cards, letters, invitations, etc.
Last week, I opened up mail from France.
I was delighted to find postcards and a letter from my cousin
who is spending a few months there working and traveling.

I told her about my affinity with doors --
their colors and design and how are incorporated into the architecture of a building --
so she found postcards with beautiful pictures of doors and sent them to me. 

Isn't that lovely?

When I receive awesome things like that in the mail I put them in a basket in my living room.
Some stationary is just too special to stuff in a drawer or, worse, throw out.
So when people come over they are free to look through cards from our family and friends
like invitations and Christmas cards.

It was an idea from Design Mom. She's full of great ideas like that.

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