Tuesday, July 5, 2011

{someone got a haircut}

The Snake was looking like a mad scientist
so I finally convinced my husband that it was time for a haircut.

It was technically his second haircut 
but the first was so minimal no one even noticed.
This time his godfather buzzed the whole darn mane off of his head.
I love it.
Phil says he feels like we cut off his youth.
I'm sure the curls will return full force.
For now.. I'm enjoying the fresh new look he has 
just in time for the hot and sweaty summer days. 

PS: Yes. Underneath his curly hair we found a slight hint of light hair including some red. 
Weird right? It's all courtesy of my husband's family. I'm thinking it'll go dark eventually.


Unknown said...

Ah No! Not the curls! I do love the new cut though!

carolynmp said...

I love it! He looks adorable.

Mrs. Gumshoe said...

My guy recently got his first haircut, too. They look so much older afterwards!


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