Friday, July 29, 2011

{super super easy DIY hanging vase}

Easy, pretty DIY's are like a slice of heaven.

Just now (literally, ten minutes ago) while the Snake napped,
I made a hanging vase for our bathroom (it REALLY needs some loving).

Here is the quickest how-to ever... because I hear my babe waking up.

 Wrap a string or ribbon around the neck of a pretty vase 
(I used an apothecary bottle I bought at a thrift shop for $.49)
Secure a loop at the end to hang it from the wall.


Fill with something pretty... preferably flowers...
but if you're like me... just go outside and snap off a few leaves from a bush.

1 comment:

carolynmp said...

oooo nice shot of the vase through the mirror!


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