Tuesday, July 12, 2011

{tiny hands tugging}

As I prepared my morning coffee today I heard the Snakes little hands and legs thumping on the stairs.
Well, so I thought.
When I went to check on him, he was literally halfway up the staircase.
My heart sank. 
The boy is fearless at times and always adventurous.
He brought me so much joy but at the same time so much dread. 
It wasn't even 9am and I still had at least ten more hours of running after him.
He is so hard to keep up with these days.
I have concluded nap time is more for moms than for kids themselves.
I'm exhausted by 3pm and counting down until hubs gets home. 

Yet later on, {Alyssa} put it all into perspective for me 
and made me be so thankful for the little boy I have to run after.
After I read her post, I sat on the rug and played with him 
and just watched him be alive and wonderful.

{image via Oak Ridge Revival}


Alyss said...

I love that old school print. Thanks for the link up. I'm so glad you share in my perspective!

cristin luea said...

beautiful. amen.

Lisa said...

great words, great post. All mums feel the same way I think. On one hand the days can seem so long & on the other hand the time we have with our small children is so fleeting & it's always good to be reminded of that.


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