Friday, July 22, 2011

{a weekend in Maryland}

About two weeks ago, we spent a weekend visiting family in Maryland. 
The highlight of my trip was visiting Calleva
(a farm, camp, ranch sort of place)
where one of my awesome cousins is spending the summer.  
Calleva is family and friend owned and operated. 
They do all sorts of things year round like: 
summer camps, an annual haunted forest, and outdoor adventures.

On Saturday evening, the owners invited us to join them for dinner 
and we took a long walk to see all there was around "the farm."

What I was most enthralled by, though, was their grounds!
Wherever you turn there are gardens, barns, horses, chickens...
It was a wonderful evening.

That's their main house back there. Its beautiful and welcoming.

Those are bees. I got alarmingly close. 

We witnessed why fainting goats are hilarious.

Their gardens are enormous! 
Not only is the Calleva staff pretty self-sufficient... they're resourceful too. Check out the tire planters.

The Snake... let's just say he loved it all.


Alyss said...

That place looks wonderful! And that last picture is so funny. His expression gets me!

Jeanine Juth said...

My dream! Minus all of the work of course...


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