Tuesday, August 16, 2011

{God the jokester}

Since last week I’ve been seriously attempting to simplify my life. 
I've temporarily removed craft projects from my list 
and minimized Pinterest time which usually ends up adding projects.
I've really tried to stick to the most basic of house duties. 
I’m still as busy as I was before. 
The laundry is still piled. The dishes are still unwashed. 
The dog is still here. 

Yes. The dog. 

God is funny… God can be hilarious, actually. 

Here's the scoop:
Our neighbors found a dog wandering in a rainstorm on Sunday night. 
Because they already have two dogs, they didn’t have a place for him in their home 
and asked us to watch him overnight. We agreed. 
We gave him a bath, checked him for fleas, walked him, and played with him. 
He is mild mannered, quiet, non-shedding, and playful. 
A really great dog overall… yet no one has claimed him. 
Not to the police, not to the local humane society. No one has called out for him in the streets. 

It is sad. 

What is so funny about all of this? 
That in my busy times God throws me a curve ball
and all I can do is quietly laugh. 
I think that it is kind of like throwing a juggler and extra ball to see how he does… 
but have you ever noticed that, in spite of struggling, the juggler can usually manage to pull of their act? 
Well, a good juggler, anyway. 
So here I am. Juggling. 
I have interviews to do, several articles to write, a work deadline to meet next week, a music camp to bring Jacob to every day, a house to keep up with, laundry piling up, a husband working extra hours, a boy who won’t poop (sorry, TMI), and a weekend vacation to pack for. 
Now also a dog to feed and walk… and his owners to find. 

Oh, and my husband's car broke down yesterday.
Just another ball to juggle. 

I’m managing with the help of my husband and, actually, with a smile on my face… 
an exhausted smile but a smile nonetheless.One thing at a time.

The other thing I've noticed about jugglers... if they drop a ball. They start all over again.

Oh and no… we’re not keeping the dog… yet. 

But isn't he cute?! Dirty... but cute. 


Christine said...

Curveballs . . . gotta love them! Hope your week brings you the grace to juggle all and the joy to smile at the same time!

Margie said...

Funny! The dog is awfully cute...will you be able to say goodbye?!

Jeanine Juth said...

OMG! So cute! I want him.


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