Monday, September 26, 2011

{behind the scenes: getting a worthwhile shot}

Have you ever taken a picture of a one-year-old?
Well... have you ever tried to get a one-year-old to do essentially anything?
If you have, you should know it's nearly impossible.

The Snake and I had a little amateur photo shoot today to show my brother some love on his birthday.
I only meant for it to take one or two maybe three snaps to get a good one.
How naive.
Shouldn't I know better by now?

Let me just show you what it turned into:

I guess the important thing is that we eventually ended up 
with one decent shot to show on a special 20-year-old's Facebook wall. 

Happy Birthday Uncle Adrian!


Hannah said...

Love the's more representative of a one year old anyway...They are constantly on the go! What a great idea! I should try this with my 15 long as she hasn't drooled on the camera already.

Alyss said...

I feel ya! My shoots with Jude look much like this!


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