Thursday, September 22, 2011

{embrace pretty cousins}

I'm linking up to Embrace the Camera again today!

Check out the hot ladies next to me...

They are my pretty and nice cousins.
Catalina. Daniela. Fernanda. 
and me.
I love them. 
I miss them. 
You see, Catalina and Fernanda live 4 hours away from me by car 
and Daniela lives 5 hours away by plane. 
We used to live a 3 minute walk away from each other. 

I could cry.
But I wont (anymore).

Daniela visited last week 
after spending three months in France and traveling through Europe.
We love getting together because it only happens once a year or every two years. 
We love each other. 
Fourteen years of living in different countries
and we still love each other.

I'll never get used to saying good-bye to my cousins,
but my only option is to be happy when we see each other...
and take pictures to remember the good times.


Bethany said...

All four of you are beautiful! I think I must be one very lucky girl because most of my immediate family (and extended) live within a 30 minute drive. Glad you were able to have some time with your cousins!

Dani said...

te amo Esther, y amo cada minuto que pasamos juntas, gracias por estar siempre presente y darme tanto amor, besos y abrazos para la familia los extra├▒o muchisimo.


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