Thursday, September 1, 2011

{embrace not being the Snakes nanny}

I just had to show off how freaking adorable my son is.

These were taken during our third annual little vacation to Long Beach Island, New Jersey
Our first one as a family!
2009: Newlyweds
2010: Pregnant
2011: One babe in tow

It was so fun to hang out and play with the Snake
and chat with my hubby
and eat like I've never eaten before
I didn't stop. At. All.

On a side note, please note how pale my child is.
Yes, I lathered him with sunscreen to keep his fair skin fair.
I forgot to put ANY on myself and now I am peeling away.
I digress.
Back to his pale being.
Can you believe someone asked me if I was his nanny?!
Well... I guess I can see how that could be possible.
But no. I am his mama and proud of it.

PS: Check out Emily's pictures of her five kids' bedroom.
Yes. Five kids. One room.
Gotta make it work to bring more of God's little creatures into the world.


Alyss said...

How funny about the nanny biz. I guess I can see it just because you are supes tan and he is see through, like me. But you can see the love of a mama in your eyes!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

That is funny about the nanny questions. Two of my 3 boys don't look anything like me, but I've never been asked the nanny question. You two are adorable together!

katrina adams said...

that is sooo funny. i run around town with my four boys and i often get asked if i'm toting around a daycare on a field trip. wow.

Jamie Kubeczka said...

Very cute!

Unknown said...

your little guy has such a sweet smile :) great shots of you 2!

emily anderson said...

i get so annoyed when people ask me if i'm the kids babysitter. no thank you! i am their mama and proud of it :)

y'all are adorable---glad you had a good vacation!


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