Wednesday, September 28, 2011

{happy birthday, old man}

You see this stud muffin?

It's his birthday today. 
BIG 26
He is officially a member of the "almost 30" club. 

Babe, I love you more than you will ever ever ever know. 
You are a wonderful husband and dad
... and an overall delightful human being. 
Please keep me laughing until I am 97 and you are 100.
... but please always remember to keep the volume down. 
(Although, we might actually be deaf by that point 
so maybe you can keep it up high so we can hear)

Happy Birthday, Philip Matt!

Equally as important, this is the lovely lady who birthed him. 
He loves her and I love her
because she taught him how to love me.
Thanks for giving life to my guy, Mom!

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