Monday, September 12, 2011

{home management binder: the endless to do list}

Update: I am still obsessed with my binder and suspect I will be for... well, forever. 

When I was putting together my home management binder, 
I found that the key was to make it suit my personal needs and those of my family. 
With that said, I will share with you how I set mine up. 
Take what you want but just know that what works for my family of three 
will not be what works for a family of four, five, or ten.

So here we go…

{click on the picture of the template above and print!}

I realized my endless to do list HAD to come first 
because it is what keeps me going through the day. 
A few weeks ago, I had so much to do I wasn’t even able to write anything down. 
I found myself standing in the middle of my kitchen when I had a brief “free” moment 
not knowing what to do… 
so that free moment passed me by and nothing got done. 
That’s when I realized I how much I depend on my list to keep me productive through my day. 
If I think of something I need to do, I write it down immediately 
and trust that eventually, it too will have its turn.

I split my list into the three biggest aspects of my daily life.

Life. House. Work.

Life really takes up the chunk of my time. I should have given it a bit more room on the template.
In this section write down any appointments I need to make, meetings I have to attend, 
commitments to keep, emails I need to send, calls I need to make, purchases to make, etc.

In the House sectionI write down projects I want to do or things I need to clean. 
Though I follow a regular cleaning schedule, 
I have found that writing down what needs to be cleaned each day
brings it to the forefront of my attention. 
I used to just print out a list and post it on my board 
but I always skipped over it.

Work is self-explanatory. 
I write down interviews I have to conduct, research to do, articles to write, and blog post ideas and topics. 

I keep this part of my binder open for most of the day and probably visit it twice an hour... 
ideally to cross things off but usually I just add more things. 

What about you? Do you keep an ongoing list on paper or in your mind?

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