Wednesday, September 7, 2011

{home management binder}

Finally... the challenge is complete!
Last week I set off to put together a home management binder
and this thing has nearly become my best friend. 
Well... I'm exaggerating...but seriously I love it.

I'm giddy about it.
I know it seems like another way to feed my OCD tendencies...
and that's not a far fetched idea,
but the binder is actually a pretty handy little guy.
I have found that there are fewer papers dispersed throughout the house--
in the kitchen, in the living room, in the tv room, in the bedrooms.
Our bulletin board is looking relatively empty...
but you must know that -- in my book -- empty is a good thing.

I love that everything has a place.
I gives me mental peace.

The first thing I did to put this together was think and decide
what belonged in my home management binder.

I came up with these sections:

To Do


Menu Plan



Shopping Lists



Important Information


The sections are in two rows and in order of most to least frequently used.

I made my own templates and I will be sharing them with you soon, soon, very soon! 
When I upload them I will also talk more about each section and why they have a place in the binder.

Am I crazy for being excited about something like this?
Maybe I am and I am okay with that.


Alyss said...

Love this! I want to make one, too.

Unknown said...

That's awesome! I will definitely have to take your example on this one! I need to have you over some time so you can give my house a "walk through"... my lists and to-dos are overwhelming!

Margie said...

nice idea! I need to organize the constant flow of papers coming home with Mia from school...this idea could help me greatly :)

Christine said...

Geat idea. I could use one of these.

Anonymous said...

I personally think it's an awesome idea. My first step is to get organized enough to organize a Home Binder!!!


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