Saturday, October 1, 2011

{date night}

I'm so glad my husband was born,
merely because of his existence, 
but also because it gives us an excuse for date night
(and to request free babysitting from generous brothers).

Wednesday night we went out to celebrate his birthday 
at an Italian restaurant in my hometown.
Best decision e v e r. 
We ordered Fritti Boccacinni, Pollo Parmagiana, and Pollo Valdastano. 
The boccacinni still have me dreaming.
Are you wondering why I am telling you this?
Well, it's because I cannot stop thinking about it.
It was so freaking delicious.
Then we went out for a drink and dessert.
Nom. Nom. 

It was really a perfect night. We chatted and laughed. 
We dressed casually so there were no heels hurting my feet.
He explained baseball.
We talked about our governor potentially running for president. 
I talked about some professional steps I have to make going forward. 
We reminisced on old days.
Anything we wanted to talk about, we talked about...
and not once were we interrupted by a desperately hungry child.

It was wonderful. It reminded me of why he's my friend and why I like him. 
Sometimes it is easy to get lost in the every day running around.
It's easy to forget that I married a really cool guy.
I forget... all the time. 
All I can remember is that he didn't take out the stinky garbage 
and didn't put the outlet covers back up after painting (three months ago).

Yet, the morning after our date, instead of letting the little things bother me, 
I was able to look back on the previous night and just love my husband.
Interacting with him outside of the normal routine reminds me that he is a person and has thoughts. 
That sounds pretty horrible but I know some one out there can relate.

Sometimes we become tools for each other: 
"Pass me a diaper." "I'll be home for dinner from 6:15 to 6:30."
"Switch the laundry." "Empty the dishwasher."
"Stop for milk."

There is definitely truth and justification for all of the above,
but when it seems that that becomes the norm,
it's time to head out on our ow... even if it is for an hour.

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