Thursday, October 20, 2011

{embrace: a late night with my guy}

Last Saturday night...
We partied.
Yep. That's right. 
Phil and I partied.
It had been a while since we were out late by ourselves.
The Snake slept over at my moms and we didn't come home until 2am. 
I can't remember the last time we were out that late during our married life. 
It was so great to reconnect with my guy.
Even surrounded by friends, 
we whisper jokes at each other and point out silly things.
We actually have to make an effort to talk to other people
because if we don't we end up just chatting with each other all night. 
Phil says we're each other's biggest fans.
That's for real
He's so funny. 

We snapped a shot of our little fam before we dropped off the little guy for the night.
Can you see the joy in my face?

(May I just say that my boys are so handsome.)

We celebrated our good friends' marriage
with a joyful ceremony and a party at large. 
I tremendously enjoy going to weddings now that we're married. 
When I hear people taking their vows, I think: "That's right! I promised to do that!"
It's nice to renew those vows, even if only mentally. 
It's nice to witness the love the couple exudes from the altar.
It's nice to be reminded of the excitement and joy we felt on our wedding day.
I leave weddings with a refreshed love for my guy.

I failed to take a pic with the couple-- I'm really bad at that --
but if you want to see a gorgeous preview of the beautiful pictures 
their photographer (my bro-in-law) took of them head on over to his blog.

I did, though, bring my little, old handheld cam
so we managed to get a picture with our other good friends who were in the wedding party
We were all having a good ol' time... probably because they, too, left their little one at home. 

After the wedding Phil and I went off to party with my friends from high school 
at a wine making party. 
I'll share more on that another time.
By the time we got there, the grapes had been ground and barreled
so all there was left to do was have a dance party in the backyard.
We did some funky funky dancing. 

Woosh... between the wedding and the party
I'm exhausted just thinking about all the boogying we did. 

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