Tuesday, October 18, 2011

{good cry}

I just had a good cry watching the video Alyss is sharing today.

For me, motherhood has been amazing. depressing. exhausting. joyful. confusing. exciting.
When I found out I was pregnant, I started to prepare and prepare and prepare.
For the drug-free birth I wanted.
For the baby to have warm clothes.
For the baby to have somewhere to sleep.
For my maternity clothes to go back in the bins. 
For a lot of different things that were in my control at the time,
but nothing could've prepared me for what motherhood would really be like.

No book could have taught me that I would want to wake up my child just to see his eyes 
or that at some point I would cry along with my baby 
because I wouldn't know how to fix whatever was wrong.

Nothing could've prepared me for the feeling that my heart might jump out of my chest 
from being unable to contain so much love.

Not even all the moms I know could have successfully expressed 
how motherhood would turn my world upside down and on its side. 

What would I tell myself on September 20, 2010?
It is ok to sit and watch them grow before your eyes... 
even when dinner is unmade and there are no clean undies to wear. 

But, heck, I think I should tell myself that today.

1 comment:

Alyss said...

I have to tell myself everyday! Thanks for sharing your heart, friend!


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