Wednesday, October 19, 2011

{is cleanliness really next to godliness?}

The other day, my friend asked me why I was constantly concerned with the cleanliness of my home.
She called me out. 
I don't know if she meant to "call me out." 
I think she was just curious, but she put my thinking cap on.
Got the wheels rolling. 
Why do I worry so much?

Having a clean house is a worry of mine all day, every day. 
Admittedly, one of my faults is that I notice the dirty before the clean.
I notice the footprints on the floor, the fingermarks on the doors,
I notice the sauce stains on the stove and the grossness behind the toilet.
Yet the vacuumed rugs, organized cabinets, and folded laundry remained unnoticed.

I get panic attacks when the house isn't clean. 
I've cancelled plans so I can clean while my son sleeps.
I make cleaning schedules that never work. 
I read books. I ask other moms for advice.

It always comes back to me: I have a one-year-old. 
Cleaning might have to be put on hold for a year, or two, or three.
I am not satisfied by this conclusion. 
I have refused to accept it. 

Because I feel that my job is to provide a clean home for our family.
Now, I know that before worrying about cleanliness 
I should worry about teaching my son, building character, 
encouraging my husband and helping him get to Heaven. 
So I have put my worries to the side. Temporarily. 
I go to the park instead of cleaning up breakfast.
I read a book to my son before making dinner.
I chat with my husband and try not to nag him about the garbage. 

I have put my cleaning worries to the side, but not forgotten about them. 
I still think about what needs to be cleaned. When will it all get done?

If you are struggling with the same thing 
and are reading on to find out what my solution is,
you can stop reading now. 
I don't have a solution. I am still searching for it.

Clean one thing a day? Hire a cleaning lady? Let my son watch TV all day?
I really have absolutely no idea yet. 
I am tweeking my cleaning schedule right now
because I haven't been able to follow it AT ALL to this day. 
Even as I do that, I'm not sure it will solve the issue. 
I am sure I will eventually come to some conclusion that 
some things only get cleaned every so often or never.
I might have to let go. 
Who knows? For now, I'm too stubborn to let it go. 
I will continue to search for answers.
Please promise to share if you know the secret?

PS: At least my little guy is clean. 
He's the only thing around here that gets a thorough washing every day.


A Place to Reside said...

I've been thinking about these things too. Right now, I'm trying out the "clean one thing" method. Basically, I just try to do something each day to take care of our home, and sometimes it's as little as refilling the ice cube trays or dusting a table. However, right now, that's all I can manage, so I'm giving it a try. I'm also trying to see the clean things. Like you, I struggle with that.

carolynmp said...

Maybe we can learn from each other. I should probably clean more than I do. To me the thought of having a completely clean house is overwhelming to accomplish. So I really just do as much as I can handle (or maybe a little less than I can handle if i'm being honest with myself) and accept the results. I prioritize and as long as the major things are done, I can overlook the less important stuff.


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