Monday, October 24, 2011

{new, improved, and lovely}

Do you notice something new?
Well, of course you do! Doesn’t Lovingly Thrown Together look great?!
Let me tell you all about the exciting things going on in this humble little blog.

First off:

You gotta love social media.

Two weeks or so ago I tweeted something that went like this:

@naptimediaries... need help with new design for blog and i love yours. any suggestions? looking for affordable, clean, fresh

Just minutes later Jessi of Naptime Diaries replied something that went like this:

@esarritomo – I’d love to work with you! Email me!

… I suppose the rest is history.
I’ve since been working with her to make this come together.
We’re still tweaking here and there but doesn't the design look great?
I have been eagerly anticipating it and Jessi blew me away!
I couldn’t be happier with the new look.
She is wonderful. Patient. Creative.

If I were you, I would head on over to her blog right this minute and get to know her.
I promise you won’t be sorry.


I am excited to have Lovingly Thrown Together join the LATISM | BlogHer Publishing Network.
BlogHer publishes all types of content from 2,500 blogs of every topic under the sun.  
They’ve been around for a good while.
For me it is particularly thrilling because of their huge representation of women in social media.
They host a massive conference each year, research women’s involvement in social media,
and see 26 million readers every month.  Whoa Nelly!

Recently, BlogHer partnered up with a non-profit called Latinos In Social Media (LATISM)
They are the country’s largest organization advocating for Latinos involved in social media.
As you can imagine, I was ALL OVER that!
I am so very happy to join their communities.

This all sounds all too important.
Truthfully, I am just going to continue blogging away
about my kid and my hub, hoping to share something that you like.
I just have some fancy cheerleaders (and a few ads here and there).

Okay now  that we're caught up,
let’s get back to business as usual!

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