Monday, October 31, 2011


We had an interesting Saturday.

While my husband went away for the night to help to run a spiritual retreat for high schoolers,
the snow piled up outside of our house. 
Then the lights started flickering and at 2pm they finally gave out. 
I was preparing to spend the afternoon at my mom's house 
so I decided to pack up and spend the  night. 
I could do home alone... but not in the dark.
I hadn't gotten more than a mile from our house when I received a call from her. 
Her house was out too.
I pulled into a parking lot and made phone calls. No one had power.
.... and my kid needed warmth and a nebulizer treatment 
at night since he just got over a bout with bronchitis.
My in-laws finally got in touch with me... they had no power but a generator running.
We could spend the night.
So Jake-the-Snake slept by lantern light.

As a sidenote: I love love love my kid but we cannot spend the night together.
I should've known. He has never liked to cuddle... seriously, since birth! 
He pushed me away when I held him close to me and then ended up flipping and turning all night. 
I even got woken up by a solid kick in the face. 
Love him... but never again.

Needless to say, I was happy when morning came. 

I ventured out during his nap and got some shots of the damage near my in-laws' home. 

My father-in-law boasts, reasonably so, that Mary has kept his home safe for three decades. 
Their backyard floods often Mary always keeps her eyes fixated on their home.
She's a little beat up from all the natural disasters but she's hanging in there. 

Fresh bark. 

We are safe and sound--and warm-- now but thousands of people around us still don't have power.
From the weight of the leaves that still clung to the branches
combined with the weight of the snow,
so many limbs came down over some major power lines.
It might be Wednesday before people get their lights (and heat) back on.
We're praying in thanksgiving for our fortune and for those who have no power.

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Nicole said...

that is so beautiful! but i seriously can't believe there is snow already! ahh!!



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