Monday, November 21, 2011

{Get to Know: Andi from the Holli Rogue}

I'm happy to have Andi visiting Lovingly Thrown Together.
She is short and sweet but she made sure to tell us what he source of hope is...
Let's just say this girl knows her stuff. 

Without further ado... Andi!

Real quick… tell us about yourself! 
Hi, I'm Andi and I am a mom to two little ones, wife, lover of Jesus, crafter, 
SAHM, teacher, and wannabe photographer. 

 What is a typical day in your life like? 
My days are full of wiping kids' faces, swinging in the park, playing with trucks, crafting and creating jewelry for my shop, and cooking and cleaning---with a bit of blogging thrown in and always a hot bubble bath in the evening.  My kids go to bed early (around 7) 
and that is when my husband and I get to spend time together.  

Do you have any fool-proof housekeeping tips you can share?  
I once heard that you can clean your sink and bathtub with baking soda and water 
and so I did that all the time when I was pregnant (nasty fumes no-more) and it worked great!

You haven’t had time to cook all day but there’s no money in the budget for take-out. 
What do you do?  
My husband is a hunter, so we always have venison in the freezer 
(not MY favorite, but always an option) or breakfast for dinner!

 What brings you joy? Where do you find hope?  
My joy and hope both come from my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  
I know that I have been saved from all my sinfulness (and let me tell you, there is a lot of that going on around here) and try to focus on living for Him each day in the present 
and not wasting away my life looking to the "next best thing."  
No matter what my circumstances might be, He is a constant Truth. 

What advice would you give a girl the day before she was to get married?  
You CAN'T change him, so don't try.  Choose the one you love and love the one chose!  
Have realistic expectations and forgive quickly and often.


the hollie rogue said...

thanks for having me, Esther!

Amanda said...

Andi this is a great post!! So glad to get to know you more!


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