Monday, November 14, 2011

{Get to Know: Jade from The Letter 4}

I have to say that I am thoroughly excited for today's guest.
We have one of the lovely sisters from The Letter 4!
These girls are so fun and talented and creative.
In fact, they "hung out" with Martha Stewart last Friday (via Google + Hangout)
How cool is that?
Visit their blog. I do every day (no joke). 
You wont be disappointed.

Here's Jade!

 Tell us about yourself! 
Hi!  My Name is Jade and I am one of the four over at The Letter 4, and I blog with my 3 amazing sisters, Julianna, Jamie, and Janae.  We blog about life and stuff we love.  We have four completely different personalities, talents, styles, and locations  which keeps things pretty hip and spicy.  ;)
Thank you so much Esther, I am so excited to introduce myself here today
on your amazing space, Lovingly Thrown Together.
I think we can probably all relate to that title in some way and I love that.
Esther is amazing, I mean she met her husband while volunteering at a muscular dystrophy association camp…and that was just the beginning!  
This family will do amazing things, and I’m sticking around to watch! 
Anyway, I guess this post is  supposed to be about ME!  I’m not one for loving the spotlight, 
but I guess I’ll bask here in it and maybe I’ll realize it ‘s not that bad.  ;)  
I am married to a wonderful guy who is my best friend and we are going on 8 years.  
We have two sweet little girls and a little  Maltese dog. 

 What is a typical day in your life like?
I  am a stay at home mommy to two beautiful little  girlies .  Ages  -- ‘I think I’m already 2’ and ‘I’m turing 16 next year’-- (21 months and 3 ½).  :D   Along with the everyday chores, cooking, diapers, combing tangles, dressing, cleaning, undressing, and redressing, accidents,  disciplining, cleaning up even more,  patience testing, running errands and making appointments, there is also a lot of pure fun my days.  LIKE:  those good morning princess hugs,  butterfly kisses, cute baby toes, captivating smiles, contagious giggles,  pretending, creating, learning, naps, snacks, blogging, talking to sisters, listening to girls sing in the car, baking, playdates, preschool, dance,  candy, exercising,  movies, XOXO from hubby,  family dinners, google hangouts and much, much more. 
Basically my days are probably much like yours.  ;) 

What are your favorite and most dreaded home chores? Why?
Folding  laundry in the wee hours of the morning is my favorite…I know I’m weird.  Because it’s the one and only time that I can sit on my bottom and watch a TV series that’s just guilty pleasure, but the guilt is taken away because I have to sit there to fold laundry anyway.  Cooking is next on my list. 
I dread cleaning toilets.  Seriously, do I even need to explain?   

 Do you have any fool-proof housekeeping tips you can share?
I love having a cleaning schedule.  I have 1 to 2 chores a day I try to do before my girls even get up, and then I can have the rest of the day to do other things instead of trying to clean the whole house.  It works great, the house stays fairly clean and if there is something that needs to be done I don’t have to try and find time in my busy life for it, because I can look at my cleaning schedule and say. “ok I’m doing that on Wed.”  so then I can enjoy the rest of my day without stressing over the things that didn’t get done.  Oh and sing…or turn on some music…that’s a must.  J

    You haven’t had time to cook all day but there’s no money in the budget for take-out. What do you do?
Two words.  FOOD STORAGE. There is always something quick and easy I can whip up from my food storage supply whether it be in the pantry or the freezer.   One of my favorite things to do for my food storage is  freezeing meals.  When I make a freezer friendly meal, I try to remember to double it and stick half in the freezer for those days that I just didn’t have time to cook.  I also do this with cookies, pancakes, and waffles.  Those are nice to keep handy.  :D

What is your biggest culinary success?
Oh geez…my biggest success was just learning the basics of cooking.  I didn’t not cook anything beyond Ramen Noodles when we first got married and I laugh now when I think of this one day when me and my husband were young newly weds and I wanted to bake a cake in the worst way,  but we didn’t have any boxed cake mixes.  So I started telling Mark about my plan for our food storage and how we were going to buy hundreds of cake mixes and keep them in the pantry so I would ALWAYS be able to make a cake of any kind.  And he gave me the most confused look and just said, “Well why don’t you just make one yourself.  We have some flour in there.”  I know I sounded like the biggest idiot in the world, but I really didn’t know.  So now if I don’t have something while I’m cooking, I know there is usually always a way to make it or substitute it.

What moment do you look forward to each day?
The greeting I get from my  girls in the morning, washing my face, brushing my teeth,
and putting on a little makeup…it just makes me feel better, 
oh AND, hearing the girls scream with joy when daddy gets home.

How do you get through the tough days? Do you have any secret tips to staying sane?
On those days,  I say a prayer, I take a deep breath, then sort out my priorities, then do only what absolutely has to be done, and I realize most things can wait.   Then I love.  I ask myself how I can make the people around me happy, and I do that.  It’s amazing how that simple act can boost you, despite the chores that remain undone. 

 Where do you get your style inspiration?
My sisters.  Magazines.  Movies. Manikins.  (the manikins are always dressed so nice, right?  So I go check ‘em out!)  Basically, if it looks  good to me and is flattering and modest on me, and makes me feel beautiful…then its in style…my style.  ;)

What brings you joy? Where do you find hope?
 My life would hold no joy if I didn’t have  my family. Every time there is a disaster somewhere, I am deeply reminded that if that happened to me, the only thing I would be worried about is my family. I would not be thinking about one single materialistic thing.  It puts things back into a real perspective.   I definitely find hope from my faith and from my knowledge
that I am a daughter of God and He loves me so much! 

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Unknown said...

Thank you so much for having us! This is such a fun series....p.s., i'm at my parents house and the internet is being weird, I am going to blast this awesomeness all over our blog and twitter as soon as the interent will allow! Just so you know I haven't forgetten about ya :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

love finding new blogs! going to check it out now!


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