Monday, November 7, 2011

{Get to Know: Joanna from Moda Mama}

I frequent some great blogs written by some pretty rad ladies
and I thought it would be nice to get to know them better.
So I have a new little feature!

Every week or so someone will visit Lovingly Thrown Together
to answer questions that I would personally ask a new girlfriend.
I think I will be able to gather some ideas, advice, encouragement, and wisdom
in the midst of our conversation with these lovely ladies. I think you will too.

Our first guest blogger is Joanna from Moda Mama. She is so sweet!
I think I need to get her recipe for cookies and cream fudge!! Oh my.
PS: Thanks Joanna!


Hi!  I'm Joanna from ModaMama - the small corner of the internet 
where I share my daily adventures in life, film, and fashion. 
I was so pleased and tickled pink when I received this questionnaire from Esther.  
It was so much fun to answer!

Real quick… tell us about yourself!
I'm an actor, writer, tv host, and photographer who loves chocolate, a good bargain, and kicking butt in Kung Fu training.  My little universe revolves around these three mischievous ones:

What is a typical day in your life like? 
Wake up bright and early, change a diaper, dress a baby and head downstairs to make tea.  Then my day is usually a hodge podge of playgroup, Sesame Street, auditions, writing assignments, and shoots - photoshoots both in front and behind the camera, and film shoots.  My day also includes a run *I'm addicted to almost daily 10k runs*  and maybe, if I'm lucky, 
a foot massage from that man making the funny face above.

What are your favorite and most dreaded home chores? Why?
Can I say all of them??? No?  Okay, well them cleaning the bathroom.  I hate that.  Thankfully my husband has happily done that job for over seven years now.  I do the laundry.  He's really bad at that.  Really. Several pants and sweaters have lost their lives to his lack of skill. I'm still grieving.

Do you have any fool-proof housekeeping tips you can share?
Baking Soda!  I'm a big proponent of natural and chemical free choices for everything.  We eat organic and as holistic as possible.  And we choose everything natural, chemical, and fragrance free.  So I use baking soda as my all-purpose cleaner.  A little soda and water make a sink, toilet, tub, or tea stained mug shine!  Honestly, it's the best cleaner along with pure, strong white vinegar.  
I use that as an all-purpose kitchen spray.

You haven’t had time to cook all day but there’s no money in the budget for take-out. 
What do you do?
Usually grab one of the soups, stews, or other meals that we've cooked previously and thrown into the freezer.  Absolute worst case scenario?  Baby and Husband have organic, multi-grain toast with cashew butter and honey with banana for desert. And I have a big protein shake with rice milk, nut butter, hemp seeds, and protein powder, and a slice of rice bread.

What is your biggest culinary success?
 Thai Chicken Curry - I rock at that!  Oh, and cookies and cream fudge.  
But I don't make that too often since Husband can't ration himself. 

What moment do you look forward to each day?

Honestly?  Baby's bedtime.  I love her sooo much, but that's my time.  All mine. And I need it. That's when I get to relax, have a little chocolate, maybe online shop, and hang out with Husband.  
That's also the time I run if Husband's working late.

How do you get through the tough days? Do you have any secret tips to staying sane?
Wow, that's a difficult question. I do a lot of things - it really depends on the day.  But I usually set myself a little reward for getting to the end of the day.  I'll run, shop *I save certificates for just such days since I have a small budget*, do online jigsaw puzzles, eat something delicious and decadent,  imagine up outfits, write something, or just plain cry.  Sometimes you just need a cry.  
And that's okay too.

Where do you seek encouragement? 
My friends and family are always a wonderful source of encouragement.  But also, in a very tangible way, I get encouragement from my readers and the comments I receive.  Just hearing that others like my writing, or my pictures, or my outfits, and that they understand 
where I'm coming from is really helpful.

What advice would you give a girl the day before she was to get married?
Make sure you're a whole, strong individual first because marriage is a partnership between two complete individuals.  There will be times it's the best thing ever, and times you'll wonder, "What have I done?" and that's normal and okay.  Find ways to makes each other laugh every day.  
Teach him to give good foot massages, they're priceless!
And get used to the dirty socks on the floor, they're not going anywhere.

What advice would you give your 18-year-old self?
Don't waste a second of the time you have - each one is precious.

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