Monday, November 28, 2011

{Get to Know: Nicole from the Neesby Lookbook}

Today Nicole from the Neesby Lookbook is visiting today!
Wahoo! This girl is super sweet and she's into doing some pretty good work.
I started following her blog when I read about her travels to China...
So here's what you should do:
1. Read about Nicole below
2. Go to her blog and read even more about Nicole.

Got it? Good.
Here she is!


Tell us about yourself!  
Hello Lovelies!  My name is Nicole from The Neesby Lookbook!  It's my very own little spot where I scribble about Hubs and my adventures in life.  In the summer of 2007, we met while volunteering at a summer camp for orphans in China.  Almost exactly four years later, we married in a little country church.  After just five months, we are living in our recently purchased, 120 year old house, where we occasionally do projects, cook yummy food, but mostly just cuddle.

What is a typical day in your life like?
My life is kind of like the weather here in Iowa.  Changing, always changing.  Hubs and I are working really hard to become debt free, so this means I work parttime, he works fulltime.  Somedays I'm driving a school bus, somedays I doing computer work for the non-profit organization, Bring Me Hope, that we work in China with.  Somedays I work at a restaurant where I am employed over the holidays.  But everyday I UH-dooore spending my evenings with Hubs.  We make food, watch movies, laugh and cuddle as much as we can.

What are your favorite and most dreaded home chores? Why?
Hmmm. . . maybe cleaning bathrooms.  Is this because I am the oldest of seven kids and we were always up after people?!  Maybe.  But I'm super lucky because Hubs keeps the seat down AND even cleans the bathroom if I ask.  Amen and amen.


Do you have any fool-proof housekeeping tips you can share?
 IF you cook, make your sweet Husband do dishes.
 Ok.  Maybe I'm just super lucky that this is the guy I married?!  Yeah, I thought so.
But seriously.   I have found that by keeping up on clutter, dishes and laundry is so super duper easier than a week's worth of work.
And ps. Sometimes I still do dishes. . . now you can't hate me.

You haven’t had time to cook all day but there’s no money in the budget for take-out. 
What do you do?
Once again, I am super lucky that Hubs is the least picky person known to man.  On days when we both work and get home super late, I make the easiest din-din ever. 
Mac-n-cheese with a can of chicken or tuna thrown in the mix. 
Sounds gross, no?!  But it seriously actually good. 
Then I just have to be sure and be extra sweet to Hubs for the rest of the night.

What is your biggest culinary success?
Probably these chocolate chip cookie dough truffles I made for my dear sis-in-love's baby shower.  Holywowunbelievable!  I even shocked myself!
What moment do you look forward to each day?
Getting home after work, dumping our stuff on the floor and going straight to bed for cuddles.
Seriously, no duh.  I totes UH-dore this boy.

Where do you get your style inspiration?
Pinterest, pinterest, pinterest.
 Blogs, blogs and blogs. 
I am seriously always always networking.  Maybe sometimes too much.
Also, there is so much inspiration to be had from nature, friends and family.

What brings you joy? Where do you find hope?
Sounds cliche, no?!  But seriously.  There have been so many moments where I have despaired of life itself.  The Word, prayer and encouragement from friends has, and continues to bring such a deep peace in my heart.
Oh yes.  How can I forget Hubs?!  He is my deepest and most wonderful joy on this earth.

What advice would you give a girl the day before she was to get married?
Oh wow.  This is good.  I would say these few things.
First, allow God to make you the most beautiful and fullfilled person He can.
Read the Word.
Develop deep, lasting relationships with others.
 Serve serve serve the people around you and those that are far.
BE creative.  Cook. Sew. Craft. Write.
Travel travel travel.
 I had the privilege of going to China four times, Mexico twice, Canada twice, Australia once, and multiple trips across the US, all before our wedding.  Best memories ever.  Go. Travel. Explore.
Most of all, cultivate the character inside you that will make you the best wife a man could ask for.
What advice would you give your 18-year-old self?
Oh you dear, silly girl. 
Stop worrying.
Trust God.
He has a plan.
He WILL bring to pass.
- - -
So, yo, lovelies!  Please stop by our little bloggity blog.  Say hey.  I know we will become good friends.

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Nicole said...

hey dear!
thanks for this awesome chance to share.


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