Tuesday, November 15, 2011

{ god provides }

I confidently say that God has provided tremendously for Phil and I
but that's not to say that it has been without struggle. 

After my husband graduated college in 2007, 
he decided he would continue to dedicate some time 
to serving the church as he had been doing throughout his senior year. 
He had been employed at as a youth minister at a Catholic church
and he remained in that position for two more years. 
Eventually he had to take a second job as a patient care technician at a hospital 
just to make ends meet. 
He was committed to serving the church. It was where he felt God was calling him.
So if it meant being the assistant to a newly graduated 21-year-old nurse 
while his shiny business school degree gathered dust at home...
then so be it.
That guy I tell you. He has not an ounce of pride in him. He's amazing. 

Two months into our marriage, he was laid off from the church. 
I know right... even the church was making cuts in a terrible economy. 
Thankfully he had the job at the hospital to fall back on 
and pick up a few more shifts.

He picked up a few random gigs for a while.
My income helped here and there. 
Checks for random amounts of money continuously arrived in the mail. 
Eventually he settled with steady work at his dad's small business
which also provided health care and allowed us to not go broke when I had Jacob. 
Phil still did exhausting shifts at the hospital every other day and some weekends. 
Throughout all this time, we always had enough money. 
I was always amazed when he said: "I paid the mortgage," "I paid the electric bill."

On our anniversary this year, Phil started a temporary position 
in the corporate sector at a large real estate company.
We knew it wasn't permanent... 
but we knew it was a window God was opening for us.
We didn't know what would come at the end of the 6-month contract... 
but we were elated at the possibilities. 

Phil's last day at this job was last Thursday.
Because of this temporary job he made connections and was offered a job.
A permanent one!
A month ago he accepted another position at a 
real estate mobile application company.
I can't really explain what he does.
He's in marketing, that I know.
I always tell him he's like Chandler from Friends...
You never really know what he does for a living.

Phil just returned from a business trip last night. 
Yes, he spent his first day on the job flying across the country.
We missed him terribly. 
Jake waited expectantly for his daddy every morning and every night.

Yet, how much we missed him does not even compare to how proud we are of him.
For his perseverance. For his commitment. For his hardworking-ness.
For continuously honoring God.

As of today, because of Phil,
I haven't had to find a full-time job
and gosh we all know it's hard to make it on one income these days.
I get to stay home because my guy and my God work together to make that happen.

We've never missed a mortgage payment.
Our utility are up to date.
Our credit card balances aren't terribly high. 
We have clothes on our back and shoes on our feet. 
God may call us to let go of all that someday,
because nothing is permanent except Him,
but up until this day we have lived experiencing God's providence 
in the most real way we could imagine. 

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Angel said...

I love that your husband works hard to provide for your family and that you publicly acknowledge, respect, and thank him! Good stuff! :) Stopping by from We Encourage.

Francesca said...

I am a new follower and got a little misty eyed reading your post. I too am a Catholic and have felt a calling to work with the youth. Unfortunately, as a full time law student I don't have the free time to give to the program :(

I loved hearing how God has blessed you through your family's tough time of finding work. My husband and I are newlyweds and 2 weeks after we got married he lost his job. He is employed full time now, but it was touch and go for awhile and I understand how trying of a time it can be.

I look forward to future posts and I hope you'll come by my blog sometime! I am a newbie and would love to make some blog friends!


Kendra said...

That is a wonderful story of God's mercy. Thank you for sharing!

Ali Raney said...

Love this! I'm a new follower. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog the other day. It was super encouraging to me. Amazing to hear of other people's stories and be encouraged by other people's faithfulness when times are tough. Thanks for being that for me tonight :)


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