Saturday, November 19, 2011

{ lovely things } a bit late... week of 11/18

I've been working during every single free minute of my day all week.
I really don't know how people do the whole
It's not for me I tell you.
Any-whooo.... I didn't peruse the internet too much so I only have a few things to share
but some great things at that.

a. the idea of a mug cozy makes me happy. a sweater for my coffee mug? 
yes please. this is the prettiest one i've found so far. 

b. remember jade from the letter 4
remember i told you they were hanging out with martha last week?
well, here's the clip. i can't believe they're going to be on the show! so psyched for them!

c. somehow i found michelle's blog, Our Wonderfilled Life
and it has been a joy to read. mothers of boys unite!

d. when you see and hear the bell ringers outside of stores during the holidays, 
do you ever search your pockets only to come up empty handed ? 
there's no longer a reason to be embarrassed about it, 
i found out through this article in the new york times that the the salvation army is providing bell ringers in major cities with a smart phone and an app to allow them to accept credit cards at their stands. while there's no promising it will be a permanent deal... 
i love that, at least for this year, being generous was just made easier .

2 comments: said...

I am so glad you found me so I can keep up with YOUR adorable family!!

Unknown said...

You are so dang sweet. Oh and you may have found super awesome michelle at our blog, because i'm kind of obsessed with her :)

will we see you at the show????

p.s. saw your tweet, we could do an ad space giveaway if you're interested!


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