Monday, November 28, 2011

{ thanksgiving 2011 }

How was your Thanksgiving?
We were lucky enough to spend our Thanksgiving at my cousins' in Maryland. 
I really love getting together with my family...
even when it means basically reenacting scenes from Home Alone.
Seriously, when we get together there are always 
at least three families under one roof for several days.
Tons of kids running around, playing, crying, laughing.
To tell you the truth, I kind of love it.

But before I was able to enjoy our holiday, I had to suffer a little bit.
I left home on Wednesday night at 2pm thinking I would get to my cousins' by dinner time.
A four hour trip turned into a seven-and-a-half/almost eight-hour trip.
I was driving half of the way by myself until I picked up my husband at work.
Two hours into the trip I realized my GPS was set to no toll roads
and was taking me the back way.
I thought I would lose it. I thought I would cry.
God was good as always and threw me a bone: the Snake did not wail
even though he did attempt to Houdini his way out of the car seat.
I had a DVD player in the car but I couldn't reach it while I drove.
So I was stuck listening to kids songs and talking to him.
I know it could have been worse.
It's a good thing he's cute.
Finally I picked up my husband, got ourselves some dinner, threw on a video,
and zzz'ed a bit while my guy drove.
It was blissful to drive up the driveway of my cousins' house and park our car.

After my husband started his new job almost a month ago,
we haven't had too much family time.
We've barely seen each other, to be quite frank.
This four-day weekend we spent nearly every moment together.
I missed being a family like that.
We talked in the morning, played all day, cooked, ate meals together, kissed and hugged a lot.

It's been difficult getting back in the swing of things today.
In just one long weekend I got used to having extra hands around to help me with anything I needed.
I'm back to watching laundry and dishes pile up,
making dinner for three, and juggling errands and a baby.
It is seriously di-ffi-cult.
I guess it just makes me more grateful for those moments when help from loved ones is plentiful.
I have to remember to mention that at Thanksgiving next year. 

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