Friday, November 4, 2011

{Lovely Things}

This is my new thing, ladies and (some) gentlemen. 
I run into so many beautiful, wonderful things during the week 
that I decided to share some of them with you as a way to kick off the weekend. 
Every week.
Sound like a plan?

Well, here we go...

a. I have seen this shop around millions of times in the blog world but it wasn't until this week that I found out its founder is a fifteen-year-old girl. What an entrepeneur! I certainly wasn't running my own business at her age. PS: Husband, I want these for Christmas! 
PSS: Sandy a la Mode is giving away Pink Lemonade goodies. Go enter here!

b. Finally! Something to pretty to do with those ugly wire hangers Phil collects from the dry cleaners.

c. cute picture of my son and his cousin "trick or treating"

d.  A hilarious and cruel video of parents telling their kids they ate all the Halloween candy.

e.  Affordable and print-yourself Christmas cards on Etsy. So far I'm in love with these.

f. White turtlenecks on sale at Target. Made my week.

Have a great weekend, friends!
I'm off to spend some time with my bestest friends at a retreat.
Lots of kid free prayer time! I think I forgot what that's like.

1 comment:

The Arizona Russums said...

i JUST figured out that pink lemonade is 15 this week too! crazy!!! and so amazing!


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