Friday, November 11, 2011

{ the mother of a boy }

I officially feel like the mother of a boy. 
As of yesterday I just felt like I had a baby... my baby...
but after spending our morning taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather,
it was clear to me that I will spend my days doing things like:

Pointing at and carefully observing trucks. 

You see that tow truck? You see the car it has loaded on the flatbed? 
That's my husband's beloved '97 Mitsubishi Diamante.
The same one that got him through college and brought us to the first three years worth of dates.
The car that brought us home after our wedding reception. 
That handsome car definitely got a beating from us 
but it loyally fulfilled it's purpose to the last minute of our ownership.
Seriously... up until it was taken away it helped me by keeping the attention of Jake and his friend. 

I have to say, the demise of that car couldn't have had better timing.
Where else would these sweet rides park?
We needed a place to race!

Don't mind the messy garage please.

We raced toy cars down the newly empty driveway for nearly an hour. 
Never thought I'd have so much fun doing that.
I have to credit it to the boys' faces as the cars sped down the slight incline. 

Then we found an earth worm and poked it. With a cookie in our hands. YUCK. EW.
So I insisted that we should use a stick.


My little boy is just too grown up.
Seriously. Is he going to college tomorrow? That's what it feels like. 
I guess I better enjoy poking worms with him while he still wants to. 

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