Thursday, November 17, 2011

{ work week }

 It's what we call "Work Week" around here.
That means I am on deadline for the publications I contribute to,
I throw dinner together (hopefully something yummy I froze weeks ago),
my husband bathes the Snake, puts him to bed, cleans up the kitchen, and folds laundry.
Later, we go to bed and he puts my nerves at ease. 
Reminds me I am a decent mother and that "Work Week" will soon be over. 
I will eventually get back to cleaning, washing, cooking, 
and feeling like a responsible lady of the house.

Then I'll be back to blogging.

Until then, my friends. Please pray for me. Pray these articles write themselves. 

These pictures are of my son who loves me so much he wants to watch me do dishes.
Even the mundane amuses this kid, I tell ya!
Even though this looks unsafe... it's not. I watch him carefully
and only move away when the camera shutter is about to go off
so you guys can see the fullness of how darn cute he is.
He's in all his glory wearing 1/2 of a firefighter's outfit, sneakers, and a big ol' diaper. 
Carrot pancakes and milk at hand.
I promise you I wouldn't let this child get hurt. 
It would be like letting my own heart break... on purpose. 
Except worse. 

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