Wednesday, December 21, 2011

{ christmas decor }

Do you think I'm a procrastinator because I just put out our Christmas decorations?
I don't. You wanna know why?
Because we try our best to keep them up until the Epiphany.
Long past when people start dumping their trees on the curb,
ours continues to be lit up in the night. 
Until those three kings finally make their way to the manger.  

So anyhow, let me show you how I've decorated our little home this year. 

Let's go in order:

The Front Door Wreath

Did I mention I've been loving yarn covered wreaths. 

The Tree

After all that drama (read about it here)
I ended up absolutely loving our tree. 
I think having special and pretty ornaments to hang up on it helped me become a fan. 

I love this bald angel from The Christmas Tree Shoppes.

I made these gingham ones last year and I. love. them. 
I was inspired by a magazine picture.. but I can't track it down. Sorry!

These bearded little fellows are from Ikea. 

 A mini stocking from the Christmas Tree Shoppes

And fat Santas from Target.

These two are some of the special ones in our collection. 
They come from my mother-in-law every year.
She gives us one or two and I have so enjoyed that she builds our collection. 

The "Mantle"
Without a mantle, it was difficult to have a focal point in our living room
until we placed an antique record player
and it has become one of the places I focus on when I decorate. 

This year it includes a stenciled sign and a bird cage full of acorns. 
(don't mind the empty picture frame)

Last year I started collecting the stub of our Christmas tree.
I just ask the guy to give me the piece he cuts off... 
I plan to write the year on each one and put them out each year.

I have a thing for weird looking Santas and this skinny one is my absolute favorite. 
He was thrifted, of course. 

The Stockings
We don't have a fireplace or a mantle, 
so my makeshift place for stockings is a branch spray painted in white 
and hung with ribbon from the window frame. 

 The Nativity Scene
We got a wooden hand-carved nativity scene for our wedding 
and I love putting it out each year. 

 The three kings will start inching closer next week!

Other Little Details

The Kitchen
I keep it simple in the kitchen.

The Cardholder
Painted shutters and mini clothe pins. Easy peasy.

The Bathroom
I love my Christmas shower curtain
and an Elf reference cannot be missing.

I love my house during Christmas. It's just so nice to feel festive every where I go.

What about you? When do you put up your decor?


Jenni Austria Germany said...

i've been loving those wreaths this time of of these days i'm going to try my hand at making one myself.

Vivian said...

I'm in love with EVERYTHING you did! The bald angel is so cute! And what a great idea for Christmas cards!

The Arizona Russums said...

all your decor is so cute. i did clothes pins with my cards this year too! it makes it so simple. love the shutters idea though!

Cassie Bustamante said...

your home looks so adorable! i love the wreath! and i love those little fellas from ikea- i saw them there the other day but was on a mission to buy for other people!


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