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I'm so excited for this first ever
December Sponsors Introduction
These ladies are so nice and they're blogs are a reflection of that.
Check them out! They're really interesting people.
Oh bee tee dubs! In the spirit of the holidays 
I also asked them to tell us what the best gift they ever gave someone was.
Wahoo for the holidays!

Every Day is a New Adventure

My name is Alyx and I blog over at Every Day is a New Adventure! I'm married to an amazing guy (affectionately referred to as Hubby in the blogosphere), and we're currently living it up in the middle of nowhere, Germany. This here blog is where I share my deepest secrets. Okay, not really... but I do share some pretty awesome recipeshilarious stories, awkward moments, and sometimes I sprinkle a little something fashionable or sentimental in there. Living out of two suitcases in a foreign country is definitely a crazy experience, and Every Day really is a New Adventure. 
You can visit me on the blog, or on Facebook! Be sure to stop by and say hello - I love meeting new people! 

The best gift I have ever given was probably... oh, man. I don't know. When I think about it, I feel like all my gifts are lame! I made a scrapbook for Hubby of the 2 years he spent in Scotland. He says it's his favorite!


Enough Faith for Today

I’m Kim from a lil' blog called “Enough Faith for Today." When I am not busy lovin’ on my hubby,  Keith, and chasing after my 4 precious kids {Kelsey, Kaden, Kaleb, and Kinley}, I have a little fun at my blog. “Enough Faith for Today” came about at a time when I wasn’t sure about God. I knew He was real, I just wondered if He was really there. Through many trials, He has slowly shown himself to me, in small portions. He gives me my “manna” for the day,  and at these moments,  I learn to surrender and lean solely on Him.  I’m still a work in progress {Thank you Jesus ~ He’s not done yet!} and I love to talk about the ways God has blessed me,  dote about my children,  try may hand at crafting and cooking,  and laugh at myself and all my short~comings along the way.  If you are looking for a blog of someone that has it all together,  then this is NOT the place for you.  But, if you like to have fun and praise Jesus then you just may have found your way home. I look forward to spending a little time with you!

The best gift I have ever given someone…
A few years ago a friend of mine, who was not a believer decided to come to church one Sunday. She enjoyed church so much that she signed up for bible study, which started that Tuesday (Pretty gutsy if you ask me). God worked so amazingly by putting her with some AMAZING women and giving her so much support. After bible study she was asking about bibles because she didn’t have one. I decided to make a trip to the book store and pick her up one of my favorite bibles. Her friendship and growth in her relationship with Christ has BLESSED me beyond words. It wasn’t the gift that I had given her,  it was the GIFTS that she has given me since then that makes it “the best gift ever.” 


The Fontenot Four

Hi friends!  My name is Sarah.  I am the one behind The Fontenot Four!

Ron & Moira on the top row
Me & Peyton on the bottom row
I am a recent {well, 3.5 years recent} transplant to South Carolina by way of Texas, where I spent about 11 years.  I am in love with God, my husband {Ron}, my girls {Moira and Peyton}, and life in the Lowcountry.  I am a stay a home mom.  Actually, it was not something we actively chose to pursue for me, but that is the way it happened.  My daughters are 7 and 5.  Peyton was born with multiple special needs.  Over her 5 years, she's developed more problems and has become medically fragile.  A few years ago, it became necessary for me to quit my job so I could adequately meet her needs.  That lost income forced my husband to seek out a better job.  With nothing coming up in Houston, we decided he ought to broaden his search, and so we wound up {rather quickly} in Charleston, SC!  We knew no one here.  No family here.  No friends. It was truly a leap of faith....but it was the best decision we ever made!  That's not to say we haven't had our share of ups and downs.  We just happened to find a true home here.

I started The Fontenot Four as an outlet for me to write about the blessings in my life.  The good stuff.  Nothing negative.  I figured if I focused on the positive for a change, it might really help me.  It has.  What was just a little blog that my husband and I read {along with a very small handful of others - close friends mostly} became a tiny bit bigger after I did a guest post on a friend's blog.  Just a little bit.  It's been a few months since I wrote that post.  In that time, I have been totally inspired by some wonderful bloggers.  I decided somewhere along the way that I could really use my blog to help people.  Our family has been through so much.  I thought maybe something I write one day could help someone who is going through a similar situation.  I'm still just a little blog, but I've met some really amazing women - many of whom, like me, are not afraid to share their faith.  I love to blog about the blessings in my life, my faith, the occasional book review, recipes from time to time, musings about my family, and so on.

In my spare time, I do a little knitting.  Just simple little things.  A few months ago I decided to open up a little Etsy shop {emphasis on little!} called "Knitted Simplicity".  Among other things, I sell cotton wash cloths, scarves and reusable coffee sleeves in the shop.  Currently, I'm still working on getting this little baby off the ground, but it's there.  I'm trying to come up with some ideas for other items to add to the shop.  Let me know if you have any suggestions!!

As for the best gift I've ever given anyone...Several years ago, I had an opportunity to work away from home for 9 months.  I was put up on a hotel.  All my accommodations and meals were paid for.  I was also given a "hardship" allowance.  I was single at the time, and before this opportunity, I was still living at home.  When I returned home from this stint, I had managed to save up a lot of that hardship allowance.  With that money, I paid for my mother and I to travel to Scotland to visit her family.  This was the first time she had been back to her hometown in Scotland since she left at the age of 7.  She passed away in 2010, so it also wound up being her only trip back.  I feel blessed and honored to have given her that gift before her passing.



Arizona Russums

Hi y'all! I'm Jen and you can find me over at The Arizona Russums, where I blog about life as a newlywed in a new state and the ups and downs of grad school, with little bits of home management advice and inspiration along the way. Mostly, I like to blog about Jesus and encourage other women to live for Him!

Blog // Facebook // Twitter

A few favorite gifts come to engagement ring and a beautiful houndstooth coat from Micah and the dollhouse my dad built for me when I was little.


a punk, a pumpkin, and a peanut

Hello! I'm Carina, the mama to a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut, the happy wife to an awesome husband, and: a thrifter, hair stylist, crafter, procrastinator, coffee drinker, lover of vintage, and trying my best to walk by faith. I started an etsy shop this year called lovely little whimsy, which has been a fun and creative outlet and a way to earn a little extra money for our next adoption. I hope you'll stop by and say hello!

One of my favorite gifts I've given would have to be the year that I made books with handwritten family recipes and photos of the people they've been passed down from for each of the ladies in my family. They are little treasures, and come in handy since we all have a tendency to lose those recipe cards!

you can also find me on: twitter and facebook  


Royal Daughter Designs

Hi y'all! My name is Amanda and I am the creative mind behind Royal Daughter Designs. This month I'm blogging 30 days in a row about handmade Christmas ornaments and Holiday decorations, but when I'm not all jolly, merry, and bright I usually blog about what inspires me, my sad attempt at fashion, and on Tuesdays I do Tutes on Tuesdays: tutorials for spiffying up your blog. I'd love for you to join me! I also blog about my real life (and being a first time "mom" to three foster boys, ages 15, 11, and 10) on my personal blog: DAES of Our Lives. You're welcome to visit me there too!

The best I have ever given someone would probably be the handmade ornaments I make for our family and close friends every year. Since my husband and I married six and a half years ago I have made personalized ornaments for our parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, and close friends. The other "best" gift I gave was a cross-stitched 8X10 baby announcement that I made for my best friend. I finally finished it 4 months after her baby girl was born!

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